Tuesday, January 26, 2016


       Eri Hime

             here is the link  XD

If I get a new camera I`ll post videos and quite possibly vlogs again with my friends
 one of which wants to make a gaming channel so yeah 
we`ll see~~

BGC Doll Meet~

My First ever Doll meet
first this is probably my 2nd time to BGC because I have poor 
commuting skills in metro manila
2nd this is my first time in BGC vanilla baker and I love it
3rd. how long has it been since my last post 

We sat near the window and everything was so magical a legit photo shoot with  
equipment will have to pay fees to do so but I guess we were ok since we were a small group of people

Obilgatory food porn section~~ 


well of course we couldn`t resist the delicious  cupcakes from their shop 

Then.. fast forward to everyone arrived photos and story telling insues~

I`m an introvert sort of but I guess if you are surrounded with such happy and kind people who share the same hobby it`s the same feeling as being at home 

The effort it took to pose the fingers of camms~ 

focus dang it XD

it`s amazing how the dolls and the doll owners all show amazing uniqueness
It fills me with determination.

Kigurumi babies

neko is still a doll so it`s ok XD

poor tsubaki has no pants

the scary part on taking candid shots XD
when one suddenly turns their head

That`s basically all we did I wanted to take more pictures and possibly a video but the battery in the camera is dying fast

and obligatory favorite doll selfie XD

not that long or informative but I hope you all enjoyed~ 

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Sakura chiyo Cosplay

I found out about gekkan shoujo when a friend of mine said "your ribbons are perfect for sakura chiyo" I got curious and boom she became one of my favorite characters.

A little background why I love Gekkan Shoujo, I liked someone back then and yeah similar story  They misinterpreted what I said and ended up like helping them with their stuff... yeah.. well anyway!!

This is a Review and blog entry for my Sakura Chiyo cosplay~~

Usually When I buy wigs I pick either Lucaille or Kucos
Kucos is less expensive than lucaille but I can work with it
Lucaille for me is the MVP it`s expensive but I doesn`t tangle as much

 Kucos Taobao
Shop that catered Kucos
Cosmic Bytes
Character: Sakura Chiyo
Price :P 950 (free shipping)

Ok so this is the picture on their website 

Left is the shop picture and right is what I got 

Color: The color in their shop was a lot brighter and I think it was also already styled 
Kucos Tangles quite a bit but Managable
I say it`s manageable because I tried and practiced how to manage wigs in a way that I can keep them longer.

The length is ok but My main concern is usually the bangs since I`m still afraid of cutting it on my own.

The inner wig cap  is stitched properly except for some extra strands, it`s stretchy and durable

The strands were fine and not too thick but It gets tangled a bit 

sorry for the messy room

Over all This wig tangles easily and strands fall everytime
I try and comb it but with proper care This can last a long time
The wig is soft and not that thick

Me with the wig under sunlight with my first attempt at Chiyo`s ribbons

Luckily Cosmic Bytes offers free trimming and styling services for their wigs :3

Here are some of my pictures at Otaku Expo as Sakura Chiyo

My costume made by Tofu crunch shop
ribbons by meh

I also got the Tanuki From Cosmic Bytes

Respective Photographers
Royal Pina Photography
Aswy Eru

Yukata Chiyo 

No it`s not the exact pattern as the last episode but it`s close and I really like chiyo so I sold my kaneki mask for a kimono set and did this~~


Sunday, September 7, 2014

kawaii in manila 2 Part 1!!

First of all
I will not deny that I cried in certain parts of this event.
I tripped, 
my feet hurt 
and as I type this I`m covered in salonpas 
but yesterday 
I saw what heaven is like.

 This is it!! It was crazy how we got to the event ;.;
and by we I mean me seiji and kyle :D
side note I need a car for these events
So yeah we got to the event just before  the dorrs opened.
door ticket was at 170

 They gave away cotton candy and ice cream how cool is that!!

These adorable cut outs were everywhere and it was so cute I died. 

I`m not gonna lie I wasnted to document the whole thing but I was too
overwhelmed to do anything, by the time I got back to my senses
Ate reese was already performing she also sang  some of my favorite songs

 and the lovely hosts ~ 

While ate was singing I decided to actually take pictures for a bit 

rainbowholic`s cafe looked so kawaii ><

it was at this point that I realized nothing in this hall will fit me ;.;

dolly wink was there too :3 I don`t think they remember that we were neighbors during toycon ^^

It was around this time that I met Naomi chan ^^

 We were looking through ate reese`s booth ^^

This time it was lucy pop`s booth
I crie
My wallet was  prepared for  the ribbons but ;.;

 look at them!! all of them are perfect!!

 and of course hodgepodge haha as much as I wanted to get moar pictures their booth was packed ><

I can have a collection with the pictures they took of me hahaha

 I`m gonna talk a bit about  my life mehehehe
before kawaii ph I already started liking kawaii culture but I never really showed it
becuase I was afraid.
I showed my best friend pictures of people in harajuku
and the only thing she said that stuck to me was that
" if you wear that people will laugh at you "
So I never really showed it
that`s why I really wanna thank  kawaii ph
  "thank you ^^"

I love how they strived for their dreams ><
I hope i can do it to one day ><

side note I do have that original character hehehe

 another happy moment
I was left behind by kyle and seiji so I was taking pictures by myself
then this no face comes up to me and gives me chocolate gold coins and just leaves I thanked
him/her too but the whole experience was so surreal ><

 Moving on there was an art exhibit featuring some really kawaii artists ^^

can you guess why this is my favorite ? ^^

It was fun seeing doll delight in person ^^

Oh YEAH !!
after ate reese`s  performance a live art show was performed ^^
Ok at around this point my friend kyle took pictures while I took videos the reason why this is part one is because part 2 would be the video I took of  the ramp ^^

Ate barbie `s fashion walk ^^

 contestants for the ikemen contest ^^

what does ikemen mean to you ^^
 I`m sorry but i vote for the first one ><
megane is love

Woot!!! go kuya rex!!

I never really liked watching dance covers but these guys were seriously good!!

(I realized and found out a trick that`s easy for me to get clear photos but I need moar memory cards and battery)

the kawaii girl contest ^^

 they were all awesome!!
It was amazing that I sang almost all of the songs they perfomed at the talent portion hahaha

At one point we talked about her to be the winner because at such a young age she has so much potential

This group just stole my heart

this is just seriously my personal opinion but the girl in the red skirt just blew me away!! I can`t dance and probably not even step up there but there she is dancing her heart out and her dance was amazing!

There were more performances and fashion shows 

 These two sang old school anime soundtracks which was just too awesome!!

 This I`m sorry but I really really REALLY REALLY love seifuku and a runway full of girls in many kinds of seifuku is just omg I was seriously holding back tears because of my make up and contact lens

there was a speech by ate kaila and ate anne
no words could describe the emotion in the hall that day 

WHOOO hyped for kawaii manila 3

some other stuff
The event hall was awesome for the event though the booths were too close to each other haha
everything in the event was on schedule and I met so many cool people

in other parts ^^

thank you to royal pina photography for the cool photos

 you can check more of their photoes at

also thanks to my friend kyle and anime pilipinas
for some of the awesome shots I used in my blog

I`m going to post the part 2 which is a video montage of the whole event that i managed to take soon ><

my widdle haul hahaha I was listening to capsul while blogging mehehehe